Financial freedom using the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and DeFi

DeFi Freedom aims to teach you the fundamentals of buying, trading, storing and using crypto currency, understanding the terminology of this new technology, and how and why decentralised finance (DeFi) and digital 'smart' contracts is a paradigm shift for the world.

Our primary focus is education and community-building, showing you how to participate in DeFi in easy and safe ways. At DeFi Freedom, we cut through the noise, leaving behind the hype and the negativity, by providing a balanced view of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We believe in the potential of these technologies to revolutionize the financial system, the economy, and personal wealth.
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What is Decentralised Finance and how can it bring abundance to Everyone?

Since the deployment of Bitcoin and the Blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, many developments have taken place. It is said that DeFi (decentralised finance) will enhance legacy financial systems over the next few years, offering greater opportunities to individuals and communities around the world. Why not be a part of the Democratisation of Wealth?
Bitcoin & Cryptocoins
The new digital currencies that bring peer-to-peer (direct) transactions - swiftly, safely, cheaply, transparently. How do we assess the value and integrity of such tokens?
DeFi & Smart Contracts
Peer-to-peer and crowd participation in lending, currency exchange, marketplaces, governance and investing. Examples are the extraordinary opportunities for artists to retain ownership and lifetime royalties, and communities coming to together to raise funds for environmental projects.

Why become a member?

There is a lot of conflicting information and disinformation out there. Come together to build knowledge on sound principles and facts.

Why Crypto

Learn about what Crypto and DeFi have to offer, not only to us, but to society and the world.

Get Started

What you need to set up in order to access crypto and invest safely and wisely.

Curated Projects

Learn how to assess DeFi projects for their "real world value," and how to avoid scams and weak projects.

Ask Questions

Private forums where you can ask newbie questions, share your knowledge, and discuss coins and projects.

Dive Deeper

Learn how to trade coins, what types of investment there are in DeFi, and how to explore different options cheaply and safely.

Coin Profiles

Find out about the history of siginificant coins, their use cases and development teams, and their future prospects.

Curated News

News, explanations and tips from some of the best experts in the DeFi field, curated for you.

Wealth Mindset

Why it is important to have a positive mindset around finances and wealth, and how to develop an abundant attitude.

Word of caution to the wise

Learning about digital currency and DeFi does need familiarity with using computers and navigating the digital world. This is a prerequisite for membership.

Financial freedom in DeFi requires personal responsibility for your passwords, your money, your wallets, and your investments. This space has its inherent risks, which we help you to become aware of.

However, we DO NOT offer personal financial advice, and you MUST take personal responsibility for the choices and decisions you make.

Your DeFi Freedom journey starts here.

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