Terms of Service

Access to this website is provided on the following conditions:

  1. By applying for membership, the user accepts these Terms of Service.
  2. The user acknowledges that this website only provides opportunities for education and community, and no financial advice is claimed to be offered anywhere on this site.
  3. The user takes full responsibility for their own financial decisions, after doing “due diligence” research.
  4. The membership space is private; and no information, private or public, can be shared outside this space.
  5. As a community, only respectful interaction and communication will be accepted.
  6. No attempts to promote or sell services or products will be accepted, including unauthorised referral links.
  7. Disruptive interaction or communication will not be accepted.
  8. The website admins will maintain the privacy of user’s details using standard security procedures; however they will not accept liability for theft of data through criminal hacking or other methods.
  9. Paid memberships are RECURRING, and will automatically renew at the end of the membership period, by initiating a payment using the previous payment method.
  10. The user may terminate their membership at any time. Any discounts applied will be forfeited if they choose to rejoin later.
  11. The website admins may at their discretion terminate users’ memberships at any time, and any paid-up membership period may be forfeited. Before termination, admins will endeavour to warn user of any breach of these Terms of Service, and offer them opportunities to redress any breaches.
  12. The membership agreement will be under the jurisdiction of New Zealand, and any disputes will be resolved within the New Zealand legal system.
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