Creating conscious abundance and community for a new economic system of the Earth

Many people are struggling with trust, inequality and uncertainty about our current financial, political and social system that governs our world. So we are inviting people into our ‘quantum freedom circle’, where we intend to help co-create a new eco system for a people based economy. The world has become increasingly centralised, which is creating many issues for the world in all areas of society.

Our primary focus is EDUCATION and COMMUNITY building of awakening souls and creating conscious prosperity. By utilising our innate natural born gifts and the latest decentralised blockchain technology, we will pioneer a New Earth reality based on unity, rather than division and inequality.

This platform aims to teach you the fundamentals of buying , trading, storing and using crypto currency, understanding the terminology of this new technology, and how and why decentralised finance (DeFi) and digital ‘smart’ contracts is a paradigm shift for the world.

With this new blockchain technology, we have the potential to provide you with better ways to earn passive income, and to share what we are learning with the wider community. With the massive advancements in technology, many millions of manual jobs will be replaced by AI automation and Robotics.

Blockchain has presented an opportunity of greater privacy and transparency, without censorship, and this applies to financial transactions and information, as well as creating a new type of secure internet. Of course the opposite scenario of greater surveillance and less privacy is also possible, so it is important that we digest the correct knowledge and apply that correctly.

We also intend to bring you certain opportunities that you can choose to participate in if you wish. We stress that we are not financial advisors and are only offering up information on what we are actually doing ourselves. There are great risks everywhere in the world today, however no risk seems greater to us than doing nothing and following along with a mainstream narrative that does not have our best interests in mind.

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