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Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and smart contracts – all part of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) – are a really exciting space that is opening lots of wealth opportunities every day.

In this space, you will be able to participate in a global economy, with a minimum spend, with a phone or computer, and an internet connection. You will be able to do what, until now, only the super-wealthy could do, at the same time promoting prosperity around the world.

By becoming a DeFi Freedom member, you join a community of learners and teachers, and build up your skills and confidence at your own pace. Our combined aim is financial freedom – what better way to achieve it than through a positive and stimulating platform like DeFi Freedom!

Do you want to learn how to build your wealth with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain?

Here is what you will learn on the DeFi Freedom membership platform:

  • The basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • How to buy cryptocurrencies and store them safely.
  • The basics of investment and risk management.
  • Curated simple projects to start with at minimal cost.
  • How to analyse investment opportunities and coins.
  • How to spend your cryptocurrencies in the real world.
  • Overcoming your financial learning blocks and building an abundance mindset.
  • And much more!

There will be:

  • Step-by-step video and text courses from raw beginner to advanced.
  • Regular livestreamed trainings, recorded so you can review at your leisure.
  • Private forum and community to ask newbie questions, offer help, and share hot tips.
  • Newsletter with curated news, tips and useful info.

Are you ready for DeFi Freedom?

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