July 19, 2022

The Swing Back to Decentralisation

By Tony Knight
The pendulum is moving to a decentralised world for the people to rise.  We have reached that point of peak centralisation, we go through major political & economic cycles every 240-260 years. That time frame is so interesting when you consider that those numbers are a fractal of our solar system’s moving through space, and […]

The pendulum is moving to a decentralised world for the people to rise. 

We have reached that point of peak centralisation, we go through major political & economic cycles every 240-260 years.

That time frame is so interesting when you consider that those numbers are a fractal of our solar system’s moving through space, and the precession of the equinoxes which is a cycle of 24,000 to 26,000 years. If you halve that time, we can trace back 12-13,000 years when we had the last great changes on Earth, with the great flood. There is another metaphoric “flood” coming! 

What we are witnessing now is the pendulum swinging back to decentralisation and decentralised finance (DeFi), and the entering if a new peoples’ based economic system. There’s always a lot of noise in the world on the cusps of major social, political and economic change. This pattern is the ebb-n-flow of life, which is embedded into the natural cycles of the worlds events and man made systems. 

The current central controllers are now carrying out their plan of societal and systemic collapse in earnest, they are going forward to destroy the energy, food and financial systems. Control these 3 key industries and you control the people, nations and world. 

They are literally destroying their own businesses, along with millions of other small financial firms, food and energy suppliers, at the production and retail end points and everywhere along the supply chain. 

Why would they do that? Their psychology goes that once the system is suitably crushed, when people can barely eat, own value assets/money and get fuel, then people are desperate to take whatever they dish out….which will be their envisioned utopian “green” economy, a track n traceable money supply, UBIs, and you will eat synthetic meat, bugs and other GMO “Frankenstein food”.

Also, along with this plan, they are intending to inflate away their debts, so they can effect their so called great reset. This means in lay terms, that if we go to hyperinflation, the asset holders (think the central bankers etc) get to have their debt wiped, but they still retain the assets, while bank savers and those in stocks, mutual funds, KiwiSaver and cash will get completely wrecked. 

“Hence the you will own nothing and be happy” (sic), while the central planners at the WEF, UN, WHO, etc will own everything. Therefore they can afford to wreck the economy and some of their industries, because they intend to simply move to another type of economy that looks like, and is, fascism. Total state control. 

The trouble is for them that it is not working. Yes, it looks like it is if you believe social media, MSM and other fear mongers, but I know it’s not working! Yes, many people will still get wrecked, because there must by natural law be a big price to pay for ignorance and fear. 

Throughout history we have been through these cycles, and ALWAYS when centralisation gets dominant, at the last critical moment, it always falls apart like dust in the wind. This is because of a rising people power, under great duress, people always awaken and that’s sufficient to enable the worst plans to evaporate like magic at the critical moment. 

Also decentralisation & people power happens because of demongraphics  and technology. Demographics because the millennials, Gen X and baby boomers are not going to take it any more, for various reasons. 

Baby boomers, because they have come through numerous repeating generational  economic cycles, they remember the previous booms and busts over the past 50-70 years, the Gen X, because they are the hippy and anti war generation and the millennials because they are more highly advanced souls who just won’t consent and comply. 

Technology is also going to play a huge part for freedom, in large part for the same reason that it could enslave, like a CBDC, but in reverse. Why? Because it all depends on the programming, just as our mind can be programmed to do the right thing, it can also be programmed to do “bad” things. 

It’s not the money, mind or technology that is the issue, it’s the way it’s produced, distributed, used, and coded. People create money & technology, using their minds and awareness, technology does not create people! Think about that one! Money that’s created by the people for the people, and is decentralised, will afford a much greater level of abundance for all. 

And when the peoples revolution gets to its critical mass, the awareness in sufficient people will be so undeniable, that we simply cannot accept a technology or system that will take us back into the abyss. 

To complicate this further is that some people will demand that the Government and the central controllers look after them without any responsibility! So we could have a dual world economy, where the ‘have nots’, subscribe to the offerings like a UBI & CBDC, while others simply create new decentralised systems that work for them. 

Nothing is more powerful than actually experiencing how much better off you are with a better more distributed system! The fact is, most people have resigned themselves to the belief that a better system is not feasible or possible, like what blockchain or crypto offers!! There’s your mind at work again, ensuring that you don’t ascribe to a better world, because you told yourself you can’t and won’t! 

Knowledge alone is not power, knowledge is inert until you do something in alignment with that knowledge. Knowledge brings you to the cusp of a breakthrough, wisdom is when you move your self off that edge into a new conscious way of acting and living. 

This is a natural law of growth, our life path is like the rings of a tree trunk, we go round in circles until suddenly we shift into a new wider view of reality, either by duress or acting responsibly on real knowledge and other wisdom. 

So, are you going to stay divided and keep asking for your own enslavement, or are you going to look for something new, or act in a different way, so that you get different potential outcomes? 

All potentials all exist simultaneously, it’s like all the best and worst scenarios exist together on a shelf, the ones that we choose through our actions & awareness are the ones we will create. If you leave the so called ‘bad’ outcomes on the shelf, and simply create something positive, then you will dissolve those potential bad outcomes, and/or systems that control.

Winning is not getting over the finish line, winning is knowing that when you start, you have already won, and that you can align with as many others in the process of the ‘race’. 

It’s not a race to the death, it’s about the Human race of life, remember?!! Find others who want to advance life, and you will never die!

Article written by Tony Knight

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