November 3, 2021

How Facebook & CBDCs is bringing mass adoption for Crypto & DeFi

By Tony Knight
Why we should all be happy because Facebook & MacDonalds is moving into the space, and the central bankers are working on a digital ID and currency.

Apparently we should all be convinced that crypto currency is now a ‘psy op’ because Facebook & MacDonalds is moving into the space, and the central bankers are working on a digital ID and currency.

Actually I think real crypto and decentralised finance is a reverse Psy Op on the Cabal! This is at least AS true, as the other way round! Negative nellies love to say how we are being screwed, without bothering to check the other side of the argument. Many only look at the negative side, not the positive. I know many truth seekers are simply researching cabal plans, not the peoples plan!

All technology, everything in the physical material realm has dual sides, because it’s a natural law of Earth. And it can be used to benefit or enslave. Digital money & the great reset is the reverse side of crypto currency, DeFi and the peoples reset.

So when it comes to FB and other large corporations, food companies etc getting into NFTs & crypto giveaways, I say GREAT! That will bring in the masses and once they are in, they will naturally find DeFi or decentralised finance, because it’s a type of blockchain code that benefits people naturally. There will be many bridges between CEFi (centralised Finance) and DeFi.

When the mass adoption starts, those of us who are in this space, holding the quality blue chip tokens, will prosper hugely, as trillions of dollars coming in will be like a flood of liquidity, and water ALWAYS seeks its own level, it must flow to where the best projects are located to assist greater numbers of people.

Huge Liquidity is already flowing into DeFi, but soon it will be a tsunami! This will ensure that massive ENERGY is released into the world, as a major injection of positivity to people who most need it. The value of crypto will be far greater, and reach many more people than what cash could ever do now, as it is a worthless piece of paper, showing some illumanti symbols!

Don’t believe me, go seek and know for yourself. And if you don’t, then you can find out the hard way, while the conscious crypto holders will end up doing the heavy lifting, helping the masses.

Article written by Tony Knight

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