November 7, 2021

What is ODL and why liquidity, XRP & DeFi matters to the people.

By Tony Knight
Consider this scenario that you may not have considered regarding the CBDC & it’s relevance to the XRP token...

If a CBDC is issued, as part of the WEF’s “great reset”, then it will cut out ALL retail banks in the process. Banks will have to drastically change the way they do business, as many of their services will be irrelevant. They have to get in on the crypto game to stay alive, so many are looking at holding and accepting crypto as payment, and issuing “custody services” for those crypto newbies who cannot do it themselves.

All loans, global payments, mortgages, insurance, savings services etc will be conducted in Crypto currency, NOT fiat Government issued money!! You might want to think deeply about that!!!

So what are a lot of banks doing? They are moving swiftly to adopt crypto and offer crypto related services. Many of them, or other financial organisations, & global money payment services are joining forces with XRP, XLM & others to be in on the game. Bank of America has partnered with XRP! IBM & Money Gram has partnered with XLM.

What does this do to the price & adoption of these global payment crypto’s? They have to go to the moon! The SEC case is their way of trying to stop us people from getting in on the act! And a way for the financial cabal to load up for themselves.

So in summary, for the first time in history, we people can get in on this massive new asset class, BEFORE the banks and hedge funds! And to boot, the banks will be competing against their own central banking masters! That’s more than huge!!

And what’s the BIGGEST issue that’s about to be obvious in the financial market very soon? What do banks MOST need right now?

And where’s the fastest growing liquidity right now?
In the crypto & DEFI market!

And what’s XRPs secret sauce product?? ODL, On demand liquidity!

And what is need to fulfill its true purpose? A higher price!!

Think thousands of dollars PER token in 3-5 years time.

NOT financial advice, I’m just a researcher who has followed the money for a long time, both for good and bad reasons, but this money trail is leading to the people via Decentralised Finance, with cheap, fast, distributed wealth to all who participate!

Article written by Tony Knight

One comment on “What is ODL and why liquidity, XRP & DeFi matters to the people.”

  1. Hi Tony,
    I have finally had the inner call to crypto, and have now watched the 2 seminars of TPR and The Wealth Stewards, impressed with both. But I am feeling this urgency to get on board whilst dealing with the fact that I am woefully ignorant of how to proceed. I don’t have a huge sum in bank to work with but it is more than I want to have disappear. And in the likelihood of my superannuation being stopped, I want to feel I am doing something towards my future. Gerald’s course looks like it is out of my league. Is there time to learn enough in the coming months. Can you advise me, which I am happy to pay for your time as a consultant.

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