July 28, 2021

Krypton Knight – My journey into crypto currency, and DeFi Freedom

By Tony Knight
We are about to witness history being made, mass adoption of digital and crypto currency is upon us as a new system is almost ready to be rolled out.

As I self employed person for the past 30 years, I have always had to deal with money. However I always thought money was somehow unimportant. I was brought up amongst nature’s gifts, and I was conditioned to think of money as a “necessary evil”, only for the greedy-minded, and technology was only for nerds.

After many years of struggle until a inevitable loss of my business in 2008 during the last major financial crash, I suddenly realised that without any money, only debt, I was in deep trouble. After I had swore at and cursed all the people that I felt were to blame, I realised two major things. We are the only ones responsible for our life and world, and the financial system is not set up for ordinary people to prosper en masse. I also realised, much to my shock and horror, that the financial system is designed on purpose to only reward the few at the top, and we are conditioned by media and education to only function as ‘wage slaves’ to a hierarchical, centralised and secretive system.

Armed with this knowledge, I managed to rebuild my life and the lessons learned directed me towards understanding how to live in harmony with nature, spirituality and the physical, material world. In 2011 I met Amit Goswami from the documentary, “What the bleep do we know” and he introduced me to the concept of “Quantum Consciousness”, and then I read the seminal book, Creature from Jekyll Island written by G Edward Griffin, all about the set up of the Federal Reserve and its true modus operandi. I began an intensive period of releasing all my negative programming, and realigned myself with a greater feeling of value. I realised that consciousness is our truest currency, yet money as currency, needs to be reinstalled as a real “medium in exchange of energy”.

A conscious society is founded upon an evenly-abundant population, because then the people are creating independence from a Government and their corporate masters, hell-bent on us being dependent on them. The dependence and control is easily effected by controlling the money via its huge central printing supply, out of thin air, inflation, debt, interest and its highly distorted distribution which only favours the same people creating the money. A circular economy amongst a small so-called elite, while the rest of us compete for the crumbs. This has created a very competitive & divided society.

As I reinvigorated myself financially, emotionally and cleared out my old beliefs, I began to open to new ideas and possibilities, and then in 2015 I was introduced to Bitcoin. At first I thought, yeah nah! It’s not going to work. However when I researched deeper and began to understand its original intentions for a free and open society operating in a de-centralised manner of peer to peer transacting, then I started my deep dive into everything crypto. To truly understand crypto, you need to inwardly know how it works, the difference between crypto currency and crypto assets, decentralisation (DeFi), digital, automated contracts, and how, what and why blockchain works. I also learned that Bitcoin is not a real representation of what crypto payments can be, and is used as a distraction and heavily manipulated.

As you learn all the key foundational components, the outcome for me was that I could now see how blockchain and crypto could change the world for the peoples’ freedom sake. The ultimate key is in the coding (protocols) of the blockchain, with decentralisation. Everything is code, we are coded beings via our DNA, energy is code, nature has a code and that code can translate to beneficial technology if done right. All code is a series of numbers, geometrical shapes and Light/sound information. Code created by man can be either positive or negative depending on the consciousness of the person or organisation involved.

This is one reason why knowledge is power, to discern the difference. “The proof will be in the pudding”, or “you shall know by the fruits the crypto platform produces”. Many people are judging crypto without the knowledge, they don’t realise the nuances, the applications or the fundamentals. I know there are a lot of scams out there, and I know that the ‘banking cabal’ are planning a digital money, known as CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency. The extreme FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) is mostly put out by the central controllers and then the fearful people do the rest by repeating the misinformation and disinformation. This is designed to drive people towards accepting their offering which will come with many strings attached. It is more centralised money that will have little intrinsic value, while being a surveillance and monitoring tool.

True decentralised crypto currency is encrypted for necessary privacy rights with transparency, we can trade amongst ourselves without any middle men and excessive fees, we can participate in a limited supply currency so inflation proof, we can “crowd invest” our favourite blockchain startups, we can use a currency that is free of debt, we can earn passive income, we can create our own governance, we can be our own bank and do with our money, what they have previously done with it. By putting our money into the stock market, cash or savings account, we are handing our hard earned value over to a third party that does not value us, or our investment, and it is simply keeping the system that entraps us, alive and well.

Since I took action and started investing in some crypto currencies, my asset base and income has grown significantly, and I only started with a very modest amount. I now see myself as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of my own life, and I suggest that we all need to approach our lives with a greater level of responsibility in every area of life, not just in financial matters. The time has come where we need to not just go to work, play, eat, sleep and fornicate. That’s the way we have been taught to live, that’s our conditioning, but it will no longer stand as a viable way to live. The wheat will be sorted from the chaff. Freedom comes from our open mindset, emotional intelligence, spiritual integration, health focus and financial abundance.

Money is not everything, however it is a necessary tool as a symbol of value in the physical reality. When you don’t have money, and the powers that be have it all, then we are on the edge of fascism, and we are there now! Without sufficient resources, we are dependant upon the Government, or our friends and family for support. I know this experience, and I will never revisit that again! It was truly the lowest period in my life.

I think that education and community should always come first before money and we need to have a purpose for our money, then we will have the responsibility to handle money without attachment to greed or fear. The word ‘money’ comes from ‘moon’ and is an indication of its reference to our emotions and water, as the moon controls our ocean tides, just as money controls the tides of our emotions. If you are reactive to having or not having money, you are out of balance emotionally and mentally, as they are both tied together. Also money is directly related to the water element, we liquidate a business, we ‘freeze’ assets and money, we need liquidity to be a abundant.

Decentralisation means we can lend and borrow amongst ourselves, we can create new ecosystems live on the blockchain, we can can ‘stake’ (akin to deposit) our crypto in ‘liquidity pools’ (highly liquid means the tide is high!) and earn while we learn, we can share information and money free of censorship, we can utilise our crypto to fund environmental projects, we can grow communities with like minds by CHOOSING our desired currency, we can hold a currency that increases in value, none of this was available to us before! This is the foundation for a new free Earth society.

We are about to witness history being made, mass adoption of digital and crypto currency is upon us as a new system is almost ready to be rolled out. What you choose to do now on this side of the transition, is critical to how you proceed on the other side of this massive change in our social, political, financial and spiritual lives. Choose well and wisely, time is critical.

Article written by Tony Knight

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